thirsty thursday: boozy cherry limeade.

thank you everyone for the awesome well-wishes on the new home! we are pretty excited and have started rolling up our sleeves to get the place ready to move into next week. i’ll be taking photos and blogging here and there, but again, need a little help from my friends to keep this baby alive and well.

it’s that time again…thirsty thursday! trisha’s back with maybe one of the best looking drinks i’ve ever seen. cherries, lime, booze. summer nectar is what that is. thank you for the awesome recipe lady, i’m thinking you might need to open a shop that focuses solely on cupcakes and cocktails. i’ll volunteer to test all your recipes! 


It’s no secret that we take cocktails pretty seriously here in Wisconsin. One drink we take almost as seriously as the Green Bay Packers is the Old Fashioned. In fact, here in Madison we even have a restaurant called The Old Fashioned, which serves the best of Wisconsin eats and drinks. Think Friday night fish fry, pickled eggs, bratwursts, prime rib, local beers, and of course, Old Fashioneds. Where am I going with this, you ask?

Well, the key to the perfect Old Fashioned is the muddling. And I just happen to love this part of cocktail making so I incorporated it into a tart, summery beverage, just for you!
cherry limeade

This drink is pretty customizable to your own personal taste. I went more on the tart side of things, but you can certainly make it as sweet or sour as you’d like by adding more sugar, more lime, more bitters, etc.

boozy cherry limeade

Boozy Cherry Limeade

4-6 cherries, stems and pits removed
-I used Bing cherries, but use any type you’ve got. Even go with maraschino if you want this super sweet!
2-4 lime wedges
a few splashes of bitters
-again, as much or as little as you’d like- I used 1 heaping teaspoon
vodka/gin/rum of choice
sparkling water/club soda/Sprite

Place fruit, sugar, bitters, and a splash of sparkling water/club soda/Sprite in a cocktail glass and muddle until cherries are pretty mashed up. At this point you can strain the juice into a new glass if you prefer to have your drink without the chunks of fruit.
Fill glass with ice.
Add booze. 1-2 ounces. 3 if you’re having a rough day.
Top with lemonade and another splash of sparkling water/club soda/Sprite.

Drink it up!

*While I don’t mind a few chunks in my drinks, I did end up straining my drink after cherries clogged my straw within the first few sips. To each their own!


I’d especially like to raise a glass of this goodness to Erin and Mister Man in celebration of their new home! Thanks for having me again lady, and welcome to the world of homeownership!

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  • marshallhabba

    Next BBQ I have this is making an appearance for sure! Thanks for the post :)

    • hooleywithaz

      trisha is a genius with cocktails, i tell ya! thanks for stopping by!

  • Haley

    ok, just woke up from 12+ hours of sleep and am now working on catching up on my blog reading. and omg. is this an appropriate drink for 9am? because, yum.

    p.s. so happy for you about the house!!!! sending y’all good vibes for a smooth transition. what an exciting time!

    • thedishbytrish

      Yes, Haley. It IS appropriate for 9am. It has cherries and limes, which are fruit, which is most definitely a breakfast food. Blend it up and call it a smoothie if it makes you feel better. 😉

      • hooleywithaz

        i like you guys a lot.

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