humpday happy list.

let me say that the video right down there, the one with the cat? that sums up my week. i’ve been feeling so goofy and kind of frazzled, but in a good way, and so it just speaks right to my very soul. also, i have a to-do list about a mile long that i am feeling pretty motivated to accomplish, especially considering that it’s mid-week, AND Mister Man is going to be gone until saturday. normally i get pretty “bump on a log-ish” when he’s gone, but this time, i’m trying to use it as a motivator so the time goes faster. here’s to the weekend coming quickly and to getting stuff done! (i had to keep myself from typing “git er dun” there, you’re welcome.)

1) humpday giggle: this cat video.

this was first shown to me by my lovely sister mary. in her words, this gets better the more you watch it, but the best viewings are the 3rd and the 64th. you will watch it that much, trust me, i’m on at least my 70th viewing already.

2) humpday treat: chocolate berry bowls.

i feel like this is so fancy, but i could actually do this for a nice dessert sometime! why is it that melting chocolate seems to be such a daunting task? or am i the only one who feels that way…? berries are most definitely NOT in season here right now, but i think it probably would be worth it to splurge a bit for a valentine’s day or birthday dessert for your honey!

chocolate berry bowls

3) humpday style: lace sweatshirts.

i really really love this. if there were such a thing as business formal sweatshirts, i would snap that trend up in an instant. i throw on a sweatshirt as soon as i get home from work, my favorites are usually something i’ve found at the goodwill, because obviously those are the best. that’s why these are lovely, because you could maybe wear them out with black jeans, and seem like you’re not the laziest person in the whole world? i really like this first one from zara. or the second one, which is olivia moon from nordstrom.

zara sweatshirt beso

olivia moon

4) humpday shoes: wedge sneakers.

a few days ago, i tweeted this, and i think that it pretty much sums up how i feel and why my husband might come home from his trip to find me gallivanting around the apartment in a pair:

wedge sneakers

5) humpday valentine’s fun: geeky cards.

i first saw these cute card ideas on mighty girl and rowsofsix, but let’s be clear, i am no newbie to ridiculous greeting cards. i have gotten plenty of nerdy cards for Mister Man in the past 3+ years, to the extent that when i go through them, i feel guilty that i may not be taking the romance in my marriage seriously enough (hah. jokes.). i would love to open a card like this on valentine’s day this year.


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  • Nora

    love it all. love the shout out. you da best.

    • hooleywithaz

      well lady, you always find the best stuff!

  • thedishbytrish

    BA!! That cat!
    Huge fan of the lacy sweatshirt right here. Except I don’t actually own one. But when I see other people wearing them I have serious dressed-up casual envy.
    And finally, while I appreciate the nerdy sentiment of that card, I just can’t get past the fact that foxy is spelled wrong. So who’s the bigger nerd now?

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