humpday happy list.

oh hallelujah. i just got back from a business trip. i’m finally recovering from a rough bout of influenza which forced me to duck out of a business trip and be more or less bedridden and disgusting for the last four days. thank goodness for my wonderful husband, who, although he never promised this in his vows (i will tell that story sometime), took the most amazing care of me. please say some prayers that he stays safe from what i had. also, tomorrow is my friday at work and i won’t be going back until january 21. until then it’s just sun, sand, Mister Man and me in beautiful st. john’s, usvi for a week. here’s to delayed honeymoons, rum drinks on the beach, and wearing your bikini in january.

1) humpday clothing: bright maxi skirt.

i just think this would be a perfect beach coverup or even out to dinner skirt for a beach vacation. the color, the slim cut. i love it.


2) humpday treat: white fudge covered oreos.

i am still nursing this box of wonderful from my secret snow acquaintance at work (thanks andy!). that’s right. i’ve managed to hold myself to only about one a day since before Christmas. bow down to my self control. because these things are delicious.


3) humpday meal: buffalo chicken enchiladas.

um, please excuse the amount of food that is going to be on this week’s list. it turns out, when all you eat for four days is some form of toast and/or plain noodle, you start to get really hungry for things with flavor in them. like these. i think this may have been the first thing i ever pinned, because, obviously. this is from howsweeteats, which is a food blog written by a girl (woman? that sounds too old) who takes the foods we all dream about making and actually makes them. she’s like a food fairy godmother.


4) humpday husband item: hammermade shirts.

this is here for a couple reasons. one: wouldn’t Mister Man look awesome in this? two: these shirts are made in edina, mn, so just wanted to throw out some local love for a guy making awesome looking, affordable men’s clothing. MM is currently obsessed with heimie’s haberdashery in downtown st. paul, but i bet he would really like this place too.


5) humpday awww: this mini-cosby reunion.

i am and always have been obsessed with the cosby show. i love everything about it, from the storylines to the characters, but especially the musical numbers that would pop up every so often during the seasons. this particular number is my favorite, and i happened to catch the mini-reunion version of it on jimmy fallon last friday. this just makes me so happy you guys.

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  • http://thedishbytrish.wordpress.com thedishbytrish

    Have such a great time on your honeymoon! We also went the delayed honeymoon route so on this very day last year I was soaking up the Mexican sun with a slushy drink in hand. Ohhh, what a difference a year makes!
    Cheers to your honeymoon!