holiday gift guide: for her.

it’s that time of year. stores are putting out christmas decorations altogether too early, i’ve heard a couple christmas carols on tv, and people are starting to ask around, “what do you want for christmas?” bro, it’s not even thanksgiving yet (although, it’s like two weeks away, which means december is almost here which means i go back to work way too soon…) don’t get me wrong, i think that christmas belongs in december, but since i’m trying out this new thing called “preparing for future events ahead of time”, i thought that i’d put together a couple fun gift guides, since i always am at a loss for what to ask for and, more importantly, what to get that dang husband of mine!

i’ll be starting today with a gift guide for the ladies, which, let’s be honest, is basically my own personal gift guide. i’ll also be doing a gift guide for the gentlemen, and a gift guide for the miscellaneous lovely people in your life. i thought for about two seconds about doing a gift guide for baby, but it would have consisted of a wet washcloth to suck on, and maybe a piece of wrapping paper to play with if they’re old enough. our little amelia will be getting a donation to her savings account from us this year, because she doesn’t know the difference, and we have no room in our house for more of her stuff.

feel free to add items from your wish lists in the comments below. i’m nosy like that and love to know what people are coveting!

Gift Guide for Her

1. new makeup is one of those gifts that just makes me happy. but also makeup is super personal, right? so the only logical answer is a sephora gift card. every time i see that black and white bag under the tree, my girly heart skips a beat.

2. i’m super partial to leggings and yoga pants of any kind these days. call it the cliche mom in me. my usual favorite is athleta (seriously, who can i talk to about getting a sponsorship yo?), but i just ordered these trina turk gems from yoga outlet, and i’m really digging them. the perfect stretch and coverage for if i ever want to leave the house. but really, what lady wouldn’t want a new pair of leggings for christmas? i’m sure i don’t know any.

3. in keeping with the comfort theme, long comfy shirts are one of those things that seem like such an afterthought when you throw them on, but the good ones are so hard to find! you know, the kind that cover your bum, or are the perfect blend of comfy and stylish? i am really into bright colors that can also kind of pass as neutrals, and in my book this neon yellow top from dv by dolce vita totally fits that bill.

4. maybe some ladies would think it was odd to receive a fitbit for a gift, but i would love it. just for the sheer perverse knowledge of how many steps i wasn’t taking…

5. i know that so many people do the new pajama tradition for christmas, and i love that so much. my family does it some years, but not every year. this year, i am jonesing for a set with matching top and bottom, the kind of pajamas that are sophisticated yet comfy, and keep me warm when getting up in the middle of the night with the little lady. these look pretty lovely.


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happy friday to me.

i’m currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, finishing up a latte and panini, fresh off my first workout since amelia was born, and feeling like a whole new person. Mister Man took little one to his mom’s house while he did errands so i could have an afternoon to myself, and while it’s always tough to be without her, once i am i remember how lovely it is to do something for just me. those moments are rare nowadays.

coffee shop

i miss being able to go write in a coffee shop. i miss being able to run to the gym whenever i want. i miss the feeling of thinking about what i want to do that day, instead of what i have to do. so this is just a blissful afternoon for me.

a few other things happening that are making this the happiest friday:

…getting a phone call from work with some really good news. i’m feeling so much better about going back and where my life balance is going to be. more on that later.

…making plans with this lady to exchange real life hugs and catching up over coffee.

…blushing that miss ashten thinks highly enough of this post to share this little blog as her blog of the week. it would be pretty great if you went and visited her, and then read and shared that post of mine, because it means a lot to me where i’m at in life right now.

…packing for our trip to florida! i’m so thankful that i get to bring my daughter to a place that means so much to me and our family. i’m already counting down the days until she takes her first plane ride, sees the ocean for the first time and celebrates thanksgiving with us!

…hanging at home tonight with my little family. as much as it’s nice to be on my own once in a while, they are the lights of my life and no amount of crying+teething+sleeplessness will change that.

coffee shop

i hope your fridays are just as blissful as mine feels right now, smooches to everyone for your weekends!


amelia: three months old.


technically amelia turned three months old on monday, but that means that i have a three month old, and couldn’t get around to taking photos or writing a post until today. but i’m still doing pretty good, right? i mean, would it make you think that i’m more of a supermom if i told you that i also chose monday as the day i started having amelia nap and sleep in her crib? and did i mention that i also happened to be solo parenting while i did this? #notmybestdecisionever




a lot has happened in the last month. she was baptized, which was one of the proudest moments of my life, to bring my little girl into the family of God. we went on our first date post-baby and amelia didn’t even flinch. and she started to nap you guys, and my life has changed completely. our days now have some semblance of a schedule, with amelia eating at fairly predictable three hour intervals (until they become every two hours in the evening) and napping on a reasonably regular basis. sometimes the naps are even longer than 45 minutes and i can do more than just change out of my pajamas and put away the clothes on the floor. like, today i made pumpkin bread! WITH cream cheese frosting!

 IMG_2254who, me??

she has also developed quite the bubbly personality. we have a smiler and a cooer and a flirt on our hands. the best part of my day is when i walk into her room to get her, and she’s talking to herself in her bed, and the second she sees me her whole face lights up like she can’t believe how lucky she is that i came to get her. it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when that’s how your day starts. on the days with lots of crying, i try to remember our morning greeting to keeping me from going crazy.

three months feels like real life is starting again. i feel like this is where the haze clears and our life regains its structure. i can just feel how close she is getting to sleeping through the night, and i am not so nervous to leave her with a babysitter anymore. i can leave the house with no preparation other than a quick check of the diaper bag, and i don’t care if she starts to cry wherever we are, because i know how to soothe her in any situation. it’s not so much that she’s getting older, i think it’s that i’m getting better at being a mom. while it’s sad to see her grow up sometimes and lose more and more of her “babyness”, the new things she learns keep me so excited to watch her get older each month.


amelia: your dad and i will make funny faces at you until we pass out, just for the hope of one teeny, tiny smile from you. that’s how awesome we think you are. thanks for being such a ray of sunshine in our lives.

p.s. she still hasn’t found that thumb.


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