can’t write, too busy running to the loo.

i don’t know why i wrote “loo” instead of “restroom”, “bathroom”, or just “too busy having to pee”. “running to the loo” just sounds more refined i guess? less trashy? more british? i wanted this post about pee to sound cute? i don’t know.

21 weeks

[in between bathroom breaks.]

turns out that whole thing about pregnant women having to pee all the time, that’s for real. i found that out real good this week. my already small bladder has shrunk three sizes, the opposite of the grinch’s heart on christmas morning. yesterday i had to go three times before i left for work. today i woke up at 5:00am and never went back to sleep. i just waited for my next trip to the bathroom.

my days now are just comprised of activities that i fit in between bathroom breaks. any outing is either timed so that i can be back home in time for the next one, or planned so that i know with great certainty that there will be facilities available to me to use. i know the location and proximity of the restrooms in every target, menards, home depot, coffee shop & grocery store within a 5 mile radius of home.

be right back.

okay, back. pretty sure i hadn’t consumed any liquid since my last break, so biologically speaking, i’m not sure where my body is even finding anything else to expel from my body. does anyone have the science to explain this to me?

where was i again? oh yea, talking about my tiny pregnant bladder (dad, is this entire blog post making you uncomfortable? if so, just think about all the other terrible things about pregnancy i could have chosen to write about and you should feel better!).

here are the things i can’t do anymore now that my bladder is the size of an acorn:

  • spend more than 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym
  • act like i’m not having a panic attack in the mall when i can’t find a bathroom
  • make it through my workout dvd without pausing
  • sit through a meeting at work that lasts longer than an hour
  • watch a tv show all the way through
  • sleep through the night

i’m only 23 weeks pregnant, so i know i’m just at the beginning of this stage, and i’ve got a long way to go before it’s over. i’ve even heard that i get to look forward to someone actually KICKING my bladder once they get big enough for that – i’m looking at you baby z., and hear me now, i will not suffer silently through that madness. i will not.

this would all be a lot easier if i could survive without consuming any water to sustain myself and the baby. someone invent that please? or tell me it’s okay to just live in the loo?


belly style: accessorizing when pregnant.

want to know one of the biggest lies people tell you when you’re pregnant? that getting your belly dressed every day is SO MUCH FUN! okay, i admit, it’s awesome to show off the bump, and i kind of love how clothes fall on my changing body. but also, it can be SO BORING to get dressed everyday. because unless you have tons of money to burn, you’re only going to buy a couple pairs of maternity jeans and a couple pairs of maternity pants and a few maternity dresses and shirts to get you through to the end. and that means that you are stretching your wardrobe options to their last legs (literally).

you know that feeling you get when you look in your closet and you’re like, “how do i have NOTHING to wear??” i want you to imagine cutting your options by two-thirds, then factor in that you have a large, round protrusion on the front of your body, remember that you still have to go to work dressed as a human every day, and that people don’t stop inviting you to weddings just because you’re pregnant. now you’re starting to understand how i feel everyday.

it’s important to get really comfortable wearing the same pants multiple days in a row, and to understand that you are going to repeat outfits…many times. if you can get past those facts, then you’ll be fine. but that still doesn’t help with the boredom. you can only wear the same black skinny pants, grey t-shirt and cardigan mix so many times before you lose track, and then you risk just giving up and wearing it every day.

the solution? accessories.

now, i’m not normally an accessories kind of girl. give me the same necklace, no bracelets, no earrings, and i’m happy. lately though, i’ve noticed that i am reaching more and more for little things to add to my outfits, in an effort to change up the monotony of getting my belly dressed every morning. here are my favorite tips for accessorizing when you’re pregnant and living in the real world. pinterest maternity outfits only get you so far.



your chest and front area already feel kind of huge, so i tend to stay away from necklaces. no need to add bulk where it’s not wanted, you know? but i’ve become a big bracelet fan. i’ve been stacking on the bangles and cuffs and colorful hair ties like there’s no tomorrow. it’s my creative outlet for when i have to wear that same shirt for the fourth time in two weeks.


arm candy


it may still be freezing cold here (wore my parka, mittens and hat out the door today…it’s mid-april), but that doesn’t mean that the spring sun isn’t out in full force. and this may just be me, but there is nothing that makes me feel more stylish than a simple maternity outfit, paired with booties and a gorgeous pair of shades. that combo makes me feel like i should be walking the streets of a large metropolis, being photographed for some cute, maternity, street-style blog.

you know i love me some good, cheap target sunglasses, but even i can’t deny the pull of a solid pair of nice shades. i’m a proud owner of ray-bans so far, including this obnoxious pair of green-tinted ones:


but because i’m an adult, and about to become a mother, i’ve been looking for a more classic pair lately. raybanand i think i’ve found some promising options in the warby parker spectrum sun collection. for those of you who are unfamiliar, warby parker is like the toms shoes of eyewear. when you buy a pair of their glasses or sunglasses, they donate a pair to someone in need. Mister Man has a pair of their prescription glasses, and i swoon a little every time he puts them on. mix in a cardigan, and i’m done.

i only realized this past winter that warby parker even sold sunglasses, and i’m having a really hard time keeping myself from buying ALL THE PAIRS. i’ve actually just sent myself a home try-on box of 5 sunglass frames so i can try them on for free and send them back for free before ordering a pair. so if the ones i like the most look like poo on my face, i’ll know before buying.

here’s a great classic option, the hall, in whiskey tortoise:


another classic, the piper, in revolver black (totally reminds me of audrey hepburn):


and for a little fun, and because i’m obsessed with the color, the minnie, in eucalyptus:


which one is your favorite? i’m leaning toward the hall, but wouldn’t a colored pair be SO MUCH FUN?? i need help.


i can still squeeze my feet into heels, and have been wearing my most comfortable taller shoes when i leave the house. they make me feel tall, and stretched out, and not like a squat beach ball. i definitely worship at the altar of the stacked heel bootie and the wedge, because they don’t make my feet feel like they’re going to fall off, but still make me look impressive, like hey look at that pregnant lady walking on tall shoes, she’s just fabulous!

for when it gets warm, with my maxi dresses and skirts (it’s way more comfortable than it looks!):


these go with everything, skirts/jeans/dresses, and also happen to be extremely comfortable:



an obvious choice for me, as i kind of love getting zhooshed up (see here for an example), but maybe not obvious for everyone. spending a little extra time on your face can give you a little boost in the feel good department whether you’re feeling uninspired, or just a little “blah”. (especially if, like me, you aren’t getting the full “glowing skin” effect everyone talks about during pregnancy…turns out acne still rears its ugly head through that glow.)

just the other day, my mom and i went and registered for baby stuff at target and buybuybaby (holy overwhelming, but at least our registries are full of adorable items now!). i woke up feeling big and blah, and so you know what i did? i put my hair in a topknot and threw on some red lip color, and felt like a fancy pregnant person instead of a regular pregnant person. and it made all the difference.

a good red lip will make you feel like a new person:

revlon colorburst matte balm

nails that are freshly painted take attention away from the fact that your fingers are swollen:

essie bikini so teeny

“done” eyes just add a pop to your already glowing face:

naked 3 palette


i was contacted by warby parker and asked to include pieces from their new spectrum sun collection in a post. i was not compensated for featuring them in my post, nor was i given any merchandise. it was my decision to include them or not, and all opinions are my own. i just love their stuff guys!

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these days.

let’s bring these back in to the mix, shall we? do you guys remember when i was good at keeping to a schedule and did one of these every.single.week? i vaguely remember that. it seems like a lifetime ago. pretty sure i wasn’t pregnant back when that was happening. my, how life changes.

i’m sure there are a few (dozen) of you who are thinking to yourselves, “great this entire update is going to be about baby and pregnancy stuff. gross/boring/dumb/please stop.” i promise that it will be no more than half full of that stuff, but what can i say, this is my life right now. it kind of consumes me, and if i can prepare any of you for that journey by sharing in my experience, then i’m happy.

i can’t wait for the weekend to start either. i’m registering for baby things tomorrow with my mom (a latte at the target starbucks is on the docket for sure), and we might even be able to work in the garden if we get lucky. i’d even take rain so that i can cozy up and plan out how/what i’m going to plant in the backyard when the ground thaws. i’m in one of those moods where anything sounds good to me. i hope your weekends are just as wonderful as i’m imagining mine will be.


these days i’m…

eating strawberries like they’re going out of style. they went on sale at the grocery store here last week and i may have bought and eaten three packages in that time. i can’t help it, they speak to my soul.


trying to be calm about all the unknowns coming up in the next year. i personally think i’ve done a good job so far, but every so often, i start to think about all the things that we have left to do/don’t know about yet/can’t possibly begin to plan for and i get a little hyperventilate-y. DO YOU GUYS EVEN REALIZE WHAT LOOKING FOR DAYCARE IS LIKE?  it’s terrible, is what it is. not to mention trying to figure what my work life is going to look like. wait, what was i talking about? trying to be calm? yes, that is happening. you be the judge as to how that’s going.

reading absolutely nothing. well that’s not true. i’ve been reading back issues of magazines on the bus like it’s my job, but no actual book reading is happening as of late. mostly because i can’t figure out what to read next. i’ve read the divergent series, but i’m in the mood for some really good fiction to try out. any suggestions?

wearing all the most comfortable clothes i own. give me all the stretchy clothes i say! i can already tell that in a matter of weeks, i’m not going to ever want to put on pants, and i’m just leaning right into that instinct. i did make myself put on jeans with a belly band today, and immediately pouted when i got to work because i wasn’t wearing leggings. [shameless plug: now that i have an actual bump, and it's pretty obviously due to a baby, i'm posting a lot more bump outfit photos on my instagram, so if you're not already, you should go follow me on there.]

praying for a lot of people. Mister Man and i decided during lent to pray for one person or couple of people that we feel could use some extra love in addition to our regular nightly prayer. it’s been such a wonderful practice for us, and i would love to keep doing it after lent is over. it makes us think about our friends and our community of people around us a little harder than we might normally, and it really helps us be grateful for everyone who’s been put in our path.

drinking ALL THE WATER, all the time. this is a bad combination with my pregnant bladder, but i’m trying to stay hydrated and non-puffy (i can already sense that my rings might not like my fingers for all that much longer). and also i’m craving it? can one crave water?

loving green everything. now that the snow is gone, i am like a little kid on christmas waiting for all the green to appear outside. we don’t take our springs for granted here in the tundra i tell you! there isn’t much growing here right now, but i’m crossing my fingers that i’m going to see the tops of the bulbs i planted last fall start to make their way out of the ground. i have the opposite of a green thumb, so even though i’m pretty sure i did everything right, i have my doubts that they are actually going to grow.


also loving baking again! last week i got the itch to make cookies, and i did and it was so lovely. i hadn’t baked anything since i’d gotten pregnant, partly due to lack of energy, partly due to the fact that i can’t taste the batter with the raw eggs, and it’s not as fun to bake something when you haven’t been able to taste it first. mixing that batter and putting those cookies in the oven made me feel so “normal” again, just like myself.

working on planning the nursery for baby z. in fact, Mister Man and i have a hot date at the home depot tonight to look for closet doors, wall trim and paint colors. because getting the nursery ready means getting the basement bedroom/office finished up first so we can move the guest bed in there. our basement is a mess right now with changing table/carseat/crib box taking up space everywhere, but until we finish the office AND paint the nursery, we can’t move anything new into the baby’s room. so we are moving full steam ahead while i can still help with some of it. i’ll be doing most of the prep work since we can’t ventilate the room properly for me to be able to paint safely. darn.


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