amelia: eight months old.

amelia 8 months

i feel like i say this every single month, but holy crap does time go faster as they get older! when your baby can interact with you instead of just waiting to be entertained by you, life just opens up into this wonderful new thing. i’m sure the spring weather helps a bit too…thank you for coming back into our lives late afternoon walks!

amelia is seriously the funniest little person ever. she has such a fun, goofy personality coming out. she loves to watch EVERYTHING happen, and is so interested in how things work. she could sit with something she is interested in for a good 15 minutes before getting bored. and oh my gosh she learned to make this cooing sound that my father-in-law taught her, and it’s probably my favorite sound in the whole world.

amelia 8 months2

mister man and i left for our first getaway without her last week, and i was so nervous that i wouldn’t be able to handle being away from her for six days. but you know what, i totally could handle it. i missed her tons, but being alone with my husband for that long was so good for us, and it only made us more refreshed to come back and be good parents for her. she’s growing so fast now that she seemed much more mature when we got back, but all the changes were so much fun.

she is starting to recognize that certain words mean things, and she is starting to say the same sounds over and over. when we say “amelia”, she turns to look at us. she has a very convincing sound that sounds a lot like “light” (“ite”) when she looks at the lights in our house. she loves to say “dadada” often and in this hilarious crazed way. “mama” is nowhere near happening, but that’s cool…

amelia 8 month3

i taught her how to do “soooo big!” the other day, and now i am THAT mom. the one who can’t stop asking her baby how big they are, just to get a tiny little arm raise in response. my daughter may be sick of it already, so i may need to be careful. is it wrong that i refer to things like this as teaching her tricks? i keep referring to her teething toys as chew toys, but i swear i know she isn’t a dog.

i am beyond excited to see how much she grows in the next four months before she turns one (!). there will be walking and falling and more food and swimming and it’s just all so much fun. how can one tiny person be so much fun??

amelia 8 months4

dearest amelia. even though your dad and i have been running on about two hours of sleep for the past few days thanks to your teeth, we still love you more than life itself. sleep pales in comparison to the joy you bring us everyday, and that includes the “bad” days. although how bad could a day possibly be with you in it? thanks for loving us back now that you have an opinion on the subject. you’re our favorite.


how to survive teething.

surviving teething

you know how everyone tells you how bad teething is?

they have no idea.

if i could remove one aspect of the child-rearing process (which includes pregnancy and childbirth and the rest of it), it would be teething. i mean, bone cutting through gums of a tiny little baby?? it’s so mean! the only thing i can think to rationalize it is that God put teething during the part of life that a child can’t remember, so they won’t be scarred forever.

amelia started teething really young, around three months old. her first two teeth (the bottom two) were all the way in by the time she was five and half months old, and now, at eight months old, she has six teeth, and is working on the next two in a big way. so we’ve been dealing with some sort of teething pain off and on for the last five months. i’m convinced that if it weren’t for that, and she were teething at a normal rate, she would have slept through the night a while ago, but there is no rest for the weary – or the teething.

all this to say, we’ve tried almost every single remedy out there, and have learned some tricks as to what works for the worst of the teething. i wanted to share them all in one place, because when you are dealing with a 6 month old who hasn’t napped all day because her head hurts, having an easy resource is a lifesaver. feel free to bookmark this and thank me later. fair warning for you sensitive types out there, there is some pretty strong sass coming up later in this post, so just let it wash over you.

teething remedies that have worked for us

1. frozen teether toys: these are the plastic, gel-filled toys that you keep in the freezer or the fridge for the babes to chomp on when their gums hurt. amelia only started to like these once she had her bottom teeth and could grip them better. they’re great for those mild pain days, or when their gums are inflamed and they need just a little relief.



2. mesh teether filled with ice: you can get the mesh “feeders” at target or most baby stores. they are actually for feeding babies softer whole foods, but we love to fill them with ice so amelia can hold them herself and chew on the ice to get some relief. these are great to bring with you places, as it’s usually not too hard to ask for ice when you’re out, and you can use it on the go.


3. washcloth filled with ice chips: i can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve walked circles around my kitchen and living room with amelia in the sling, her head on my shoulder, and me holding a washcloth filled with ice chips in her mouth for her. there is something about the texture of the cloth and the cold crunch of the ice that is magic for teething pain. a bonus is that since babies lose their appetites for both solids and nursing when their mouths hurt, they can get some hydration by sucking the water out of the cloth when the ice melts.

4. orajel: i’ve encountered a lot of people that say that orajel is the devil because of CHEMICALS and MEDICINE and DEATH and DESTRUCTION, but all i will say to that is that those moms are idiots who have never dealt with monster teething pain. i dare you to tell me that it’s better for my baby not to sleep than to use orajel. i guess what i’m trying to say is that i trust my pediatrician more than the crazies in mommy groups, and using this before naps and bedtime has been our saving grace during all of this.


5. ibuprofen: see above with the death and destruction of using medicine on your precious bundle of joy. if i were a good mom i would just use essential oils to fix everything, but since i’m just an okay mom, i use the stuff that’s proven by science-y folks to relieve pain. we seem to have an extra sensitive babe on our hands, so tylenol hasn’t really worked for her and we were given the go ahead by her doctor to use ibuprofen. we try our best to use it only at night to help with sleep, although there are days here and there that require it as well.


6. beer: this is not for the baby, this is for you. you will need to crack open a brew to keep you sanity and your spirits up during this time. i’m toasting to the end of this phase as i write this.

beer flight

teething remedies that haven’t worked for us, but might work for you

1. hyland’s teething tablets: according to everyone and their mom, these are the best ever at soothing teething pain. i really wish they had worked for us. they are homeopathic, so they may or may not be super effective on the serious pain, but they are worth a try to see if they are effective for your baby.

2. tylenol: like i said above, tylenol only cuts it as a fever reducer in our house. but if it works for relieving teething pain, then give it a try.

3. amber necklace: full disclosure, we have not tried the amber teething necklace, and have no plans to do so. i just haven’t been able to get behind the reasoning for this working, and since i have a child that is busy and into everything all the time, this just isn’t an option for us. that being said, there are plenty of people who swear by these, so do your own research, because it could be a magic wand that i just wasn’t smart enough to use.

if you’re going through this right now, bless you and peace be with you. if you aren’t going through this right now, i’m jealous of you. high fives and hugs to everyone.


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amelia: seven months old.

oh look. a blog post. about my daughter. who ironically is the reason that i don’t blog anymore. (i mean the whole day job thing has a lot to do with it too…) she’s too cute to get annoyed at though. 

amelia 7 months

i’ve got a daughter who is dangerously close to being mobile. and when i say mobile, i don’t mean rolling or crawling. she rolls around now (finally!) and i’m guessing she is never going to crawl, or if she does it’ll be for a hot minute before she starts walking. because girlfriend wants to WALK. her days consist mostly of wanting to stand up on things, and then stand up on you, and then stand up on other things. frankly, it’s exhausting. and according to my mom, i walked at 10 months, and my brother walked at eight months. she has been taking after her uncle in both activity and temperament, so i’m starting to panic a little bit….

amelia 7 months

as mentioned above, amelia decided that it was finally time to start rolling. she still kind of hates being on her stomach, so she does this roll over/pivot/roll back movement in order to get places. it’s actually pretty great to watch.

amelia 7 months

seven months has also brought shaking things. girl has some rhythm. she would shake her rattles all day if we let her. as soon as she can walk, i’m pretty sure it’ll be like having one of those traveling mariachi bands from a mexican restaurant in the house. we’re excited!

amelia 7 months

teething has returned to our house like the terrible houseguest that won’t leave. we had some serious interrupted sleep the past couple of weeks, up every 3 hours and there are a couple days at work that i don’t really remember but apparently i’ve been getting everything done? this morning i spotted the sharp ends of the two top teeth, which means the end of this round is in sight. i think that i’ll be writing a post on how to survive the teething monster, because we’ve tried literally every remedy (minus the amber necklace) and even if it hasn’t worked for us, some might work for your baby!

amelia 7 months

miss amelia joyce, seven months is a fun one. i have a sneaking suspicion that these next five months are going to go a lot faster than the last seven…you are so much fun to be around these days! you know how to play games with us, and you think we’re funny (you and i both know that i’m the funniest but your dad is the true love of your life), and we think that this is just the greatest thing that could ever happen. you are the best part of every day, even when we’ve been up for 20 hours of it because of you.


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