our favorite baby food tips.

favorite baby food tips

as we inch closer to the day we will officially have a one year old in the house, i’ve been thinking a lot about the different milestones this year has brought. as any new parent knows (and any expecting parent will soon find out), food takes up a large portion of your brain in the first year. when they eat, how much they eat, what they eat, it goes on and on.

one of my favorite parts of amelia getting older was when she started to eat solid food. we didn’t rush into it too fast, and we chose to start with purees, because our girl loves to eat, and we wanted her to have some practice chewing and swallowing before she took bites of whole foods. that being said, each baby is different and will move into solids at their own pace. some of my favorite memories with her are feeding her and eating meals with her at the table this year.

favorite baby food tips

here are some of my favorite tips for all things baby food

1) wait until your baby is ready.

we waited until we saw a few signs that amelia was ready for purees. one was that she was constantly hungry after nursing, and no matter how much i let her nurse, a milk-only diet was not cutting it anymore for her. another was that she was SO interested in what her dad and i were eating. the third was that she was sitting up well and had teeth, so physically she was ready to eat as well. this happened for amelia at about six months old. if your baby isn’t ready until later, that works fine too!

2) make your own baby food.

making our own baby food was one of those things that made people think we were way more intense than we really are, but in actuality was really easy and really cheap. i would shop for produce, either fresh or frozen (frozen organic food is the best invention ever), once a week with our regular groceries, and then on a sunday or monday would spend 1-2 hours cutting, steaming and pureeing it. i would freeze the purees in baby food containers or ice cube trays, and then the next day when they were frozen, i would pop out the cubes and transfer them to labeled freezer bags for easy access. this way, i could grab one or a few different cubes of food, defrost them in the microwave and have a meal ready for her in just a couple minutes.

the hardest part at first was figuring out what foods to make, so here’s a tip from me to you: go to the baby food aisle and make a list of the varieties of purees. you’ll notice that there aren’t actually that many, and so when you branch off from those, you’ll feel pretty special. also, we used happy baby organic pouches for when we would eat out or travel, and we will still use them if we are going to be on the road during a mealtime.

favorite baby food tips

3) start small.

the one drawback of introducing foods is that you are then tied to your house for mealtimes. so start small, with one meal at a time. we started with dinner (in the hopes it would help nighttime sleep…it didn’t), then added breakfast, and waited as long as we could before introducing lunch. now that she eats more quickly it’s not as much of a hassle to be home or out for mealtimes, but starting small and introducing meals slowly will really help ease you into the new schedule.

4) don’t be afraid of finger food.

when you’re ready to move past purees, the same rules for starting food apply; follow your baby’s cues, and your gut. we started very small, with just cheerios for a while, and then moved to things like soft cheese cubes, quinoa, and soft steamed veggies. once amelia had the chewing solid food thing down, we pretty much gave her whatever we were having in a deconstructed form; tacos, spaghetti, lentil soup, you name it, she’s tried it. this is easier to do if you tend to cook a lot in your house and don’t eat a lot of processed foods, but it can also be a good reason to start cooking and eating whole foods more…your baby needs it anyway so you might as well make one thing for the whole family instead of separate meals!

favorite baby food tips

5) embrace the mess.

this is just a good metaphor for having a child in general, but especially when it comes to eating.  just remember, you can clean anything off the ground, and babies are cuter when they have a messy face. don’t fuss over flung cheerios or smashed berries under butts – embrace the mess.

favorite baby food tips

favorite food ideas

favorite purees:

  • apple with cinnamon. great to mix with almost anything else, especially with squash and with the morning oatmeal.
  • pears. see above for reasons.
  • spinach. maybe this is just our child, but she loves dark green veggies. don’t know how or why, but i’ll take it.
  • broccoli. again, with the green veggies. but this puree is great to mix with other veggies as well.
  • carrots. this was our first puree, and amelia still loves carrots. they are just sweet enough.

favorite finger foods:

  • cheerios. this is the best invention in the history of food when it comes to babies. there is even a hole in it so choking is not as scary!
  • toast. dry toast feels great on sore, teething gums, plus it has a lot of iron in it.
  • peas. amelia loves them. they’re the perfect size, and they’re healthy.
  • blueberries. these are just the right amount of mushy, and the frozen ones are easy to keep on hand (same goes for frozen peas).
  • cheese. amelia is her mother’s daughter and loves her some cheese. but i mean, who doesn’t?
  • happy baby organic snacks. our favorites are the yogurt and coconut milk creamies and the rice cakes. we can pass on the puffs, cheerios are better in our opinion.

if anyone has suggestions for their favorite baby food ideas, leave them below in the comments. have questions? leave them there too, or email me at hooleywithaz [at] gmail [dot] com. happy eating!

favorite baby food tips


amelia: eleven months old.

first, just let me say: what? i have a how-many-month old? eleven, as in, 12 minus one?


amelia 11 months

great. now that’s out of the way,  my tiny little baby is eleven months old! and just like that, i’m all, “oh crap, i think i should maybe start planning for a birthday party or one year photos or something that prove i’m not completely inept at this modern mom thing”. hashtag killing it.

we are so so close to that magical one year mark. why is it magical? well, for me, a big part of it is getting to worry about sustaining my body only. no more pumping three times a day at work, plus some on the days i don’t work, just to make not even enough milk for that sweet little darling of mine. no more needing to be home for the nighttime feeding, or skipping every happy hour because of the timing. no more stressing about if there is enough milk left in the freezer, or avoiding leaving the house because it’s not worth using up a bag. i can go to the gym again instead of half-assign these at-home workouts! (see also: new bras!!)

amelia 11 months amelia 11 months

it’s also magical because she is proof that i can help another human being not only survive, but thrive for a whole year. in my opinion, one of the harder years, from a physical standpoint if not an emotional one. this year has made me think that i could do this baby thing a few more times and not ruin anybody’s life.

and while there are challenges to having an 11-month old toddler (like, oh i don’t know, the fact that she can’t understand how stairs work but can get to them pretty damn quickly…), there are so many fun things about it. we can play on the parts of the park equipment that aren’t the swings, we can explore the backyard together, she can help me push her stroller around (kidding, but she actually does that sometimes).

amelia 11 months

she can also tell me what she wants or doesn’t want from time to time. my favorite thing right now is when she gets up in the morning, she doesn’t usually cry anymore. instead, she wakes up, talks to her lovey and nook for a minute, then stands up in the crib and says, “all done! all done! all done!”. you know, because she’s done sleeping. it makes so much sense that it brings tears to my eyes. she’s figured out that all done applies to more than just her mealtimes. baby humans are amazing creatures, i tell you what.

the next month is going to fly by. mister man is traveling a ton, we have a wedding every other weekend through september, and i have to plan a few parties in that time, not to mention work getting really busy right about now, because of course it did. i’m really going to try to pay attention as much as i can, so 12 months doesn’t sneak up on me too bad. because if i let it, i could see having to drown my nostalgia in copious amounts of wine. or buttered popcorn.

little miss amelia. turns out you’re a pretty cool toddler, which we should have predicted based on how cool of an infant you were. did you even have a normal baby stage? it feels like you just jumped from infant to toddler when we made the mistake of blinking one day. the good news is, no matter how old you are, one year or 75, you’ll always be our baby. and we couldn’t be happier about it. we love you bubba.

amelia 11 months


amelia: ten months old.

our baby started walking and our world has not ended.

amelia ten monthsi mean, it’s been crazy. but it’s been even more fun! i have a little shadow in the house, she follows me everywhere, and she even explores her own little world now. there is nothing funnier than watching her take a hot lap around the kitchen table and then run into the kitchen laughing like she knows what she just did is the coolest.

amelia 10 months

it’s totally exhausting making sure she doesn’t bring any bodily harm to herself, but other than that, i have no complaints. it doesn’t hurt that she started sleeping through the night and taking awesome naps once she started walking either…you go girl!

i’ve decided that parenting is great for this reason: it’s one of the only things in life that just keeps getting more awesome as time goes one. each month is my new favorite. i didn’t think anything could ever beat the first month with my baby, and yet i’m impossibly having more and more fun as time goes on. how does that work? it has to be magic. being a mom is great because it’s magic.

amelia 10 months amelia 10 months

this month amelia gets to spend more time with her aunt and uncles that live far away, she gets to go to the lake for the first time, and on her first road trip! i can’t wait to watch her experience all that new stuff for the first time. GAH! and it all of a sudden just hit me that she’s going to be ONE in TWO MONTHS!?!? whoa. joey lawrence whoa.

amelia 10 months

hey miss amelia. you’re pretty cool. you and your dad and i are already having so much fun together, and i can’t even imagine how much fun is ahead for us. i love having you as my shadow. you can follow me forever. love you mucho little one.


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