sometimes a girl needs a new dress.

so, dressing myself hasn’t exactly been a priority for a while now. yes i talked about maternity style a few times, but even that was more “survival style”, less “fun style”. and now, well, i’m kind of craving outfits. outfits of any kind! ones with shoes that complement the shirt, and anything tailored that doesn’t resemble a workout outfit.

i don’t really have the energy to go shopping right now, unless it’s online at a 3am feeding, so when eShakti asked me to try out their custom dress service, i was like, “yea, sure, point me in the right direction, i like dresses and things!”

eShakti is an online women’s fashion apparel company that offers custom clothing that you can order to your exact measurements. i admit that i was a little bit skeptical about the whole “custom clothing” thing. i didn’t think that there would be a lot of integrity in the piece, because how could there be when ordering custom clothes online? so i was fully prepared to not like the dress i ordered.
then it came and i had to rethink my stance. because it was really very beautiful! and really very well-made. it was important to me to get a dress that fit well and that was easy for me to nurse amelia in. i wanted it to be seasonally appropriate but fun, and something i would actually wear.
it was a win on most fronts. the zip on the front actually comes all the way down, which is perfect for nursing sessions. the black makes it great for winter, but the floral brings a pop of color that will soon be necessary in this tundra i live in. the only thing i can complain about is the fit, which is my own fault. i think that i wanted to pad the measurements in the waist a little to make sure it wasn’t too tight (or i may have lost some inches between measuring and receiving)…and then it ended up being too big in the middle. it fits great everywhere else. also: POCKETS!!
i have to say, if you’re looking for a dress that fits you perfectly, and is pretty original, give eShakti a try. you can check them out at their website, or on facebook, twitter, or pinterest. if you order, let me know how it goes, i’d love to see more dresses people order!


date nights and other musings.

mister man and i had our first date night away from the baby last night. it was amazing. and not “amazing but i missed my baby so much” amazing, it was “amazing and i wish i could have had a second cocktail” amazing. we ate a delicious dinner, i drank a pumpkin manhattan, and we talked about grown up things unrelated to our child’s bodily functions.

what is it about date nights that feel so special once you have a baby? is it the feeling of playing hooky from parenthood? is it that you can put on your fancy clothes and remember what it feels like to just be yourselves again? is it just the ability to order a strong cocktail and drink it all without being interrupted? i guess it doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day, it’s magic in some form or another.




our daughter has all of a sudden turned into a happy, smiling, lovable ball of joy. not that i didn’t think that she was the most precious peach in the whole before now, it’s just that she was…less than happy, let’s say (i have more to say about that soon). now, well, now she wakes up with a smile and a giggle for me, and we spend the day chatting together in a baby language only we understand. we talk about things like daily plans and where we should take a walk and how to solve the national debt crisis. she’s got some good ideas that girl. she is also laying down some mad flirting game for any male she sees…we’re going to be in trouble someday.


she also is doing this all of a sudden, which means that tomorrow she’ll be eating solids and in a week she’ll be off to college:



it’s a weird thing to answer the question, “what have you been up to?” when you’re on maternity leave. the answer is complicated. i’m doing everything and nothing at the same time. i’m watching lots of crappy tv and also keeping my child alive. the shorter/more socially acceptable answer is “oh just hanging around the house, getting out when we can, not a whole lot of anything really.” but what i really want to say is “i’ve been teaching my little girl how to exist in our world, it’s exhausting and awesome and i want to talk about it all the time!”


in case you haven’t noticed, it’s decorative gourd season mofos (points for anyone who gets that reference). normally i would be crafting something like a seasonally appropriate garland, or making plans for some festive activities. this year, since it’s a feat to manage to get dressed every day, i’m feeling a little lackluster in the fall spirit, and since i’m as basic as you can get (give me all the hot cider/crunching leaves/pumpkin spice lattes/boots&jeans/etc.) this has pained me. so i set a goal for myself last week to do one fun fall thing, and i think i managed TWO(!). you shall see for yourself in the coming week. any guesses what they were? hint: think super stereotypical fall things.

and with that, i end these musings for today. thank you for getting inside my head with me. i’d love to hear the random thoughts bouncing around your heads if you would be so kind as to entertain me with them!



eyebrows are my thing now.

who knew that doing your eyebrows could make your beauty routine MORE low maintenance? (well, probably this girl, but she knows everything.)

ever since finding myself with minimal time in the morning and at night, i’ve been trying to figure out how to streamline my routine even more. but also i don’t want “frumpy” to become a word that could be used to describe me. what to do?

get rid of the thing that takes the most time! mascara, in my case. takes too long to put on and take off. but since i still want my eyes to pop, in comes the eyebrow pencil.

takes two seconds to fill them in, but makes you look more polished. also, an eyebrow pencil costs about $3 (i use this one) and doesn’t go bad like mascara. on some level i love that it gives me a distinct look without much effort.
could you please share any other beauty routine hacks you use? i don’t think getting dressed is gonna happen today, so i could use them.


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