amelia joyce.

Mister Man and I are extremely happy to announce the birth of our first child. amelia joyce was born on august 18th at 11:51 in the evening, and weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz, and was 19.5 inches long. both amelia and dad and i are doing well. thank you so much for all the well wishes and love that you have given us during the last 9 months. we are blessed to have you in our lives.


Mister Man, erin and amelia

amelia joyce 1 day old

these days with baby z.

before you ask, there is no baby yet! but we made it to 40 weeks.

it’s a strange feeling i have right now. i feel like i should be going about my daily life, but then again, how can i possibly do that? shouldn’t i be sitting at home, waiting for this baby to get here? but that could be a week from now! or it could be today! my brain is starting to reject me and any logical thoughts i have been able to muster.

i am so excited and so ready to meet our little one, i can hardly stand it. i’ve been reading more about the birth process the past couple of weeks (the latest is ina may’s guide to childbirth). it’s been so encouraging for me to continue to better understand what my body will be going through, as well as how to view unmedicated birth as a positive experience. you might think i’m a little wacky for saying that, but it’s how i feel! we will see how everything turns out, because we know the plan is not in our hands, but His.


40 weeks3

how far along: 40 weeks. the baby is due today!

how i’m feeling: i feel better than any 40 week pregnant woman should be allowed to feel! i mean, it’s not like i’m frolicking through the meadows with butterflies following me around, but my goodness this is not what i expected to feel like. there is some discomfort, but nothing i can’t handle. thinking i’ll be going from zero to 60 once this baby is ready to come.

total weight gain: still at a flat 27 pounds total gain. turns out baby is still growing, but i’m shrinking a bit. weird, right? gonna need to do some serious weight-lifting work when i’m not pregnant anymore to get some of my muscle mass back!

baby z.’s size: this week, we have a small pumpkin baby (how’s that for a terrifying visual when getting ready to give birth?). that means that baby could be around 7.5 pounds, and be about 20 inches long. only time will tell if this is accurate.

this week: i am doing a whole lot of nothing. at some point i might get motivated enough to finish the final organizing touches on the nursery, but mostly i have been loving making dinner with Mister Man, taking walks most nights and then snuggling up with a netflix show. it’s the simplest things giving me energy right now.

maternity clothes: basically, i’m trying to wear pants as little as possible these days. the end.

sleep: oh, it’s not so good lately. but i’m getting enough-ish sleep every night, albeit interrupted sleep. if i didn’t have my snoogle, i don’t know what i would do.

best moment this week: actually it has nothing to do with the baby. i took Mister Man out for a surprise 30th birthday dinner on monday, and seeing the smile on his face when he found out the plan has lit me up for the whole week. not to mention it was so nice to dress up and go out for a nice dinner just the two of us. it was so special.

movement: little one is just as active as always, which is impressive considering how crowded it is in there!

food cravings: i can’t eat a lot of food at once, but if i could eat all day long, i would. must be that baby sucking all the energy out of me!

food aversions: nope.

belly button in or out: you know.

looking forward to: meeting baby boy or girl z.!

this may be my last post for a while, until after we have the baby and get a bit settled into our new life. i want to thank you all for your love and support and shared joy throughout this whole pregnancy. it has made the process so much fun and has touched me in a way that i cannot begin to articulate. baby z. is lucky to have so many people who are so excited to meet him/her!


mister man turns thirty.

what else can i say about this man on his thirtieth birthday that i haven’t already said?

he is the love of my life. he is my partner in crime. he is the father of my child. he makes me laugh every day. he is a provider and a caretaker, a nurturer and a protector. how i ended up sharing my life with this one never ceases to amaze me and inspire my prayers of gratitude.

wedding mister man

and today he turns thirty.

cheers to you on this special birthday, and to many more. i love you Mister Man.

food truck mister man

p.s. i didn’t know he could do a one-armed pushup until last night. BUT HE CAN. the man is incredible.

mister man one arm


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